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Dec 12, 2018 08:01:24

The project website is very simple and intuitive. We have tried to do everything possible to ensure that you won't have additional questions, and that you won't face with insurmountable problems while using the website. There are only a few steps and you will make profit!

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    Step 1 - Create an account

    To become an official member of NewLife Capital Group, you need to complete the registration process. Account registration is free and only takes a moment to complete. You just need to fill out our simple registration form.

  • Step 2 - Choose the most suitable investment plan

    Once you're registered, choose the investment plan you like. We have 6 investment plans to choose from.

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    Step 3 - Make a deposit

    Once you have chosen the investment plan that would be the most appropriate to your interests, simply make a deposit using one of the available payment options.

  • Step 4 - See your earnings grow

    Once your deposit is made and confirmed, you can then monitor your active deposit and see your profits grow!

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    Step 5 - Withdraw your funds

    Once your first earnings are available in your NewLife Capital account, you can withdraw it using your account balance.

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