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  • Daily profit$ 0.00
  • Total return$ 0.00
  • Net profit$ 0.00
Plan Description
2.7% Daily for 21 days

Min-Max deposit: $10- $1,500

Min-Max withdraw: $0.1 - no limit

Total return 156.7%

Principal Returned

Multi-Level Referral Commission

1st Level Referral


2nd Level referral


3rd Level Referral


We offer special bonus rates for leaders and promoters. Please contact us now by partner@newlife-capital.com for more information.

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About NewLife Capital Group

NewLife Capital Group it is your confidence in the future and the stable income in any economic situation. Warranty of successful activity of NewLife Capital Group is based on an innovative strategy which does almost impossible any losses or drawdowns of the capitals.

Structurally all working capital of our company can be differentiated conditionally on several main sectors. The most extensive sector of the capital which is intended only for work with binary options, and this sector is allocated for receiving profit. Its volume makes 80% of the general working capital. The following role in size, but not by the importance, sector is to serve as a damper between conditional sag and possible real fluctuations of the market. Its volume makes 15% of the general working capital. The third largest sector, whose mission – to be stabilization fund in cases of tactical distortions for separately taken option, takes 5% of the general working capital of the company.

NewLife Capital Group it is a result of modern approach to business and implementation of the trading at Forex stock exchange of binary options with the highest likeliness of success of the making deals and excellently selected and trained team of skilled and professionally educated specialists. And therefore we always in vanguard of the successful companies, we always resulting in success you. NewLife Capital Group - We Give Prosperity for You!

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Intelligent Investments

NewLife Capital Group offers you a wide range of professionally managed funds designed to meet your investment needs. Our investment portfolios are designed in such a way that each participant, regardless of the income level, can fully participate and earn money.